Coronavirus Precautions

Dear Customers,

Like many of you, we are closely following the impact of COVID-19, and we want to do what is best for our customers, our employees and ultimately our Nation. All three of our Stan McNabb locations and our Body Shop are still open, as they are considered an Essential Business. While selling cars is our passion, nothing is more important than the safety of everyone and we still have the following protocols in place to prevent the spread of any disease:

1. We have increased our sanitizing protocols for all locations, and we have hand sanitizer available in sales and service. Door knobs, counter tops, phones and check out stations will be cleaned multiple times a day.
2. The complimentary popcorn will be temporarily removed to help combat spreading any disease.
3. We ask any employees with cold or flu like symptoms stay home. Likewise, we ask the same of our customers.
4. We are happy to pick up your vehicle for service in our service department and return it back to you, should you feel you want to stay home.
5. While our showroom still remains open, we are also happy to bring a vehicle to your house to test drive. Additionally, you will be able to do the entire purchase process from your home should you desire.
6. Any vehicle getting serviced from Stan McNabb service department, will be wiped down before returning the keys back to you. Additionally, we have asked employees who come into contact with your vehicle to wear gloves.

During this time of uncertainty, I know many of you are worried about financing. We are very flexible on financing and will work with customers in whatever way we can. We have interest rates as low as 0 percent and for 84 months.

We feel confident in our employees and we are taking appropriate steps to keep everyone well. Stan McNabb Automotive has always prided ourselves on superior customer service, and we plan to keep it that way for many years to come. We will also continue to monitor the situation and listen to government and health officials. Should there be any additional changes we will let you know. We are praying for the well being of each and everyone of you.
Thank you and God Bless,

Trent McNabb
General Manager